For Clinics, Camps, and Travel Teams

As an organizational leader, it's imperative that you keep the best interests of your players and organization in mind. SWSH™ understands that within everything that you do to teach the game of basketball, and promote the success of your team and players, you also have to keep your team budget in mind.

With SWSH™ becoming an essential part of teaching players how to shoot efficiently, we would like to extend a discounted rate for bulk purchases and orders for your team. For larger organizations, such as camps and travel team leagues, we would like to extend the opportunity to partner with SWSH™ directly as a potential retail partner that could not only allow your organization to save money, but make money back too.

To speak to us about getting your organization outfitted with their SWSHs™, please contact us at info@swshofficial.com with the subject line Organization Discounts, and we will set up a call to discuss your organizations needs.

For Schools, Colleges, and Universities

Teaching the game at the highest level requires that you have the best tools to educate your players. SWSH™ is the ideal tool for coaches to teach players how to better their shot form in a fraction of the time that it would take through traditional methods. When you and your staff have to reinforce proper technique across a dozen players or more, it can be difficult to give players the individual attention they need to correct their bad habits and have them perform at their best. With SWSH™, you and your team will be able to improve shot form and mechanics to optimize the time spent in practice with good technique and minimizing bad reps for an all around better learning experience for your players.

In an effort to increase the access to SWSH's™ revolutionary sleeve shot training system, SWSH™ is happy to extend academic discounts for teams all around the United States.

If you are coaching a high school team, or working with players that will commit to the draft next year at a top-tier university, SWSH™ is happy to work with you to get your players set up and ready to Score More.

Send us an e-mail at info@swshofficial.com and let us know how we can equip your team for this season and the next.

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