SWSH™ is the solution for a smoother and more consistent shot.


"SWSH™ is a tool that any player, at any level can, and will, benefit from.

SWSH™ is all you need to develop a clean, consistent, and controlled form in your shot.

SWSH™ is a truly legitimate shooting tool. 

Investing in a SWSH™ is an investment in your game."

Will Perdue - 4x NBA Champion
How it works

SWSH is a basketball training shooting sleeve system that trains arm procedural memory by keeping a player's elbows in. This allows a player to simply focus on their distance control when shooting the basketball.

By simplifying the way a player learns how to shoot more consistently, SWSH enables a player to identify and understand the proper shooting mechanics without wasted repetitions.

SWSH provides immediate feedback to the player and ensures that every shot is taken with precise shooting form so that the player can guarantee a high-quality repetition every time.

By eliminating bad shooting habits and simplifying the practice of quality shot mechanics, SWSH promises to educate and elevate a player's game to score more.

Shooting Simplified | #ScoreMore
SWSH™ Basketball Training Shooting Sleeve Set
Regular price $49.99

The SWSH Basketball Training Shooting Sleeve is a first-in-class product system that aims to provide efficiency and effectiveness towards your jump shot training process. SWSH is engineered to easily guide you through jump shot mechanics and improve your shot in a fraction of the time.

The SWSH Kit includes:

  • 1 Basketball Training Shooting Sleeve with an adjustable bridge.
  • 1 Performance Compression Sleeve
  • 1 Mesh Carrying Case
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